Frequently Asked Questions for Grinfi about Recruitment

  • How does RaaS differ from traditional recruiting agencies, and what are the benefits of this business-model?

    ● - With RaaS, you receive a dedicated recruiting team that is focused on your specific tasks. This approach allows for a transparent process, where you have full access to all job-related data, enabling measurement, prediction, and visibility throughout the work process.● - Traditional agencies often work on a per-hire basis, assessing fees for each vacancy and candidate. With RaaS, you gain the support of an entire recruiting team at a predictable cost that remains stable despite external factors like hiring difficulty or specialist salaries.● - While traditional agencies share only the resumes of candidates actively considering vacancies, our service provides you with contact information for all potential candidates in the campaign. This allows for ongoing communication and relationship-building, even after a job is closed.

  • What steps are required to initiate collaboration?

    We'll discuss terms and conditions, share an invoice for service payment, and once payment is confirmed, the preparation process begins. We'll delve into your job vacancy, clarify details, and outline the ideal candidate profile. If needed, we can arrange a live interview call to ensure alignment. Our experts will craft a sequence of sales letters and optimize your LinkedIn profile if required. Once all materials are approved, we'll connect to your profile, configure settings, and commence work.
    It's worth noting that the subscription starts when sourcing begins, ensuring no loss during preparation.

  • How do interactions with your team occur?

    We facilitate communication through a messenger of your preference. Upon selecting a service package, you'll be assigned a perosnal manager to guide you throughout the recruitment process. All communication will be streamlined through this point of contact, sparing you the need to manage the entire team.

  • Is there a limit on the number of vacancies covered within a subscription?

    Each service package is designed for one vacancy. If a vacancy closes before the subscription ends, or if the need for the specified specialist changes, you can avail 1 to 3 free replacements based on your chosen package.

  • Can job details be altered once the search is underway?

    Certainly, we understand the dynamic nature of the market. We're adaptable to changes during the process, whether it's modifying technical requirements or altering the project.

  • What vacancies are you working on?

    Our team specializes exclusively in finding technical specialists, managers, and C-level employees in the IT sphere. Since we do not scatter our attention on the search for employees in the sales/marketing/etc. departments and on the search outside the IT sphere, we really know what kind of candidate our client needs. This allows us to do our work with the highest quality and quickly.

  • How is candidate quality assured?

    We initiate by defining the ideal candidate profile based on vacancy requirements and your expectations. Our team conducts searches based on these parameters.
    Our staff comprises experienced recruiters, each with over 2 years of IT recruitment experience. They possess profound knowledge of the field, navigating its nuances and intricacies. 

  • How often will I receive progress updates and reports?

    Expect a weekly technical progress report containing a list of respondents sorted by priority, along with statistical data on invite acceptance, letters sent, interest index, and conversion rates. If a response necessitates your attention, your personal manager will notify you on the same day.

  • What companies do you work with?

    We cooperate with companies exclusively from the IT sector. 80% of our clients are world-class IT product companies. In addition, we pay great attention to new promising products and start-ups because we are interested in taking part in the creation of innovations and solutions that can be safely attributed to a new stage of scientific and technological progress.

  • Can I opt for a standard recruiting agency model instead of subscription-based recruiting?

    8. Absolutely, we're equipped to accommodate traditional external recruiting models, including full recruitment cycles. This approach offers several advantages:Post-Payment: We don't take commissions and prepayments until we employ a specialist for your vacancy.Hiring guarantee: Should a candidate leave their role within 90 days of employment, we'll find a replacement for that position at no additional cost.Consultation: Our experts closely monitor labor market dynamics, providing insights on niche changes throughout the collaboration, enabling quick adaptation to trends and a competitive edge.