Frequently Asked Questions for Grinfi about Recruitment

  • How fast can you close a vacancy?

    On average, it takes 2 to 4 weeks to close the vacancy from the start of the search. We send you the resumes of the first candidates within the first 3-5 working days. The hiring speed also depends on the hiring process of the client and the speed of interviewing, but as a rule, it takes up to 1 month.
    Our record for closing a vacancy, from the start of the search to the candidate's entry into the job, is 2 working days.

  • How and when payment for services occurs?

    Our team works on the principle of "pay for success". We don’t take any upfront payments from you and don’t require payment for the time spent on the search. Our revenue is a commission for hiring a specialist. You pay only if the candidate recommended by us accepts your job offer. The payment itself goes through only when you confirm that the specialist has started work in your company.
    Payment goes to the account of our company in Estonia. We can accept payments through Wise, Paysera, or other payment methods that are convenient for you.

  • Is it possible to get a discount on your services?

    The monetization policy in our company has been adjusted for eight years, as long as we have been working in recruitment, and has reached an ideal balance of "cost/quality". We cannot reduce the cost of our services to continue to deliver quality service and guarantee fair payment to our recruiters. But we understand that the current state of the market is not better and we are loyal to the difficulties of our customers. Therefore, in case of need, we can discuss the possibility of dividing the payment into 2 parts.

  • How many recruiters will work on the vacancy, and how are tasks distributed among them?

    Depending on the direction of the search, from 1 to 3 recruiters can work on a vacancy simultaneously.
    In our team, recruiters work in separate specializations, so each has its own constantly up-to-date database of candidates. Thanks to this, we can very quickly select specialists for your vacancies.
    In addition, we have an "operational team" whose task is to conduct an in-depth search, regardless of the direction of the vacancy. If the search request is unique and complex, in addition to the primary recruiter, an operational team is involved in the work, which will help to find the required candidate ASAP.

  • What does the search process look like? How does cooperation begin?

    Before starting cooperation, our team gets acquainted with the client's vacancy in detail and then compiles a list of questions and the answers we need to start the search. This is necessary to:   ● achieve a better understanding of the candidate's portrait   ● know the answers to frequently asked questions from candidates   ● learn the specifics of the vacancy to convey information to the candidate as detailed as possibleThe search is carried out by the internal database of candidates and by direct search on specialized resources.After the recruiter has interested the candidate and received the resume, he clarifies the essential questions, such as the expected salary level, notice period, etc. If necessary, we clarify the data about the candidate's motivation and experience with certain specific technologies.After that resume passes a two-stage check, and we submit it to you for consideration. The following steps depend on how the hiring process is built in your company.

  • What vacancies are you working on?

    Our team specializes exclusively in finding technical specialists, managers, and C-level employees in the IT sphere. Since we do not scatter our attention on the search for employees in the sales/marketing/etc. departments and on the search outside the IT sphere, we really know what kind of candidate our client needs. This allows us to do our work with the highest quality and quickly.

  • In which countries are you looking for specialists?

    The leading search area is the countries of Eastern, Western, and Central Europe, as well as the countries of South America. We have successful experience finding and hiring candidates in Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, Portugal, Austria, Netherlands, Czech Republic, and the UK. In South America, we can highlight Brazil and Colombia as the major countries where our client experience is concentrated.

  • What are the values that make you better than other agencies?

    We adapt to modern market realities, where demand exceeds supply multiple times. Our team primarily positions itself as sales specialists and head hunters. Statistics show that only 15% of candidates actively seek a job. Another 15% passively consider offers in anticipation of finding better conditions. We always aim at the remaining 70% of candidates who do not even think about changing jobs and convince them that cooperation with you will have more prospects and interest for them.

    Thanks to this, you get the most motivated and professional candidates. According to our statistics, every fifth candidate recommended by us receives an offer from the company.

  • What companies do you work with?

    We cooperate with companies exclusively from the IT sector. 80% of our clients are world-class IT product companies. In addition, we pay great attention to new promising products and start-ups because we are interested in taking part in the creation of innovations and solutions that can be safely attributed to a new stage of scientific and technological progress.