Frequently Asked Questions for Grinfi about Lead Generation

  • What services do we provide?

    Our team of experts specializes in providing lead generation and brand promotion services on linkedin.Among our main areas:
    - Optimization of corporate accounts of the company, accounts of owners, top managers and other key employees for the needs of your business- Development of lead generation strategy and content management in linkedin- Creation of a content plan for corporate and personal accounts- Finding and generating leads for your business- Personal advice on how to use all the features of your linkedin profile- Appointment Setting
    We can provide you with each service individually, depending on your needs, or in a complex way.

  • What results can you expect from account optimization?

    Optimizing your corporate or personal account will help increase the organic flow of subscribers, which, as a result, will increase the recognition of your personal/company brand.
    We will also develop a detailed presentation of your services for you. This is the way to an increase in understanding and trust in your brand, as well as increase the chances of attracting customers from the incoming flow.

  • What results can you expect from content creation?

    By ordering this service, we develop a unique content plan, taking into account goals and needs of your business. Content strategy includes monthly 5 or 10 posts with visualization on a personal page (depending on the selected plan) or 5 posts on a company's corporate account. As our experience has shown, these are optimal values in order not to oversaturate the market with your presence, but also not to let the audience forget about you.Thanks to these activities, you are guaranteed to increase the interest of the audience in your brand and increase the SSI rating (Social Selling Index. The higher it is, the more linkedin promotes your profile. Also, increasing this indicator reduces the risk of blocking your account if linkedin considers your actions suspicious).In addition, a personal tone of voice will allow you to share your expertise in a niche and establish yourself as an opinion leader.

  • What results can you expect from lead generation?

    The lead generation service includes collecting a list from 250-500 targeted contacts every month (depending on the selected plan). Thus, your network of contacts in the first month will be expanded by 70-150 leads, and thanks to the avalanche effect, this number will grow every month.A chain of sales letters is developed for potential customers, which will tell in detail about your services and convey the value of your product to the end consumer. It converts a cold target audience into hot leads interested in your services. According to statistics, every month you will receive up to 12 potential customers who are ready to discuss the conditions on a call or a personal meeting.

  • What is E-mail Outreach for and what results does it bring?

    The E-mail Outreach application allows you to contact potential customers who for some reason ignore you on linkedin. Our team verifies the email addresses of leads who didn't add you as a contact or ignored the letter thread and send them additional bounce emails. With this strategy, you can get up to 5 additional meetings with potential clients.

  • Do I need to pay for any additional tools for lead generation?

    We know that some experts require payment for additional tools before starting work, such as linkedin premium, or even not quite legal extensions in the form of contact parsing, but we do not practice this method. We have created a concept where each client does not need to pay for premiun profile or tool. All technologies that we use for work are centralized and paid by us. Of course, they are included in the cost of our services, but as you can noticed, our price list is not higher than the average prices, and this is already savings.

  • What happens when a lead is interested in my services?

    You will receive a notification from your account manager when a potential client shows interest and will be ready to discuss your proposal in more detail. At this stage, our target task is considered completed and communication with the lead passes into your area of responsibility.If you have "Appointment Setting" service, your personal sales manager negotiates with all leads. Sales manager transfers potential client to your process after lead is ready to schedule a call with you.

  • Is it possible to see examples of your content and sales letters?

    Yes, of course, you can fill out the feedback form by this link and we will send you our commercial offer with live examples of our work in response.