Frequently Asked Questions for Grinfi about Lead Generation

  • What's involved in the lead generation process?

    Firstly, we conduct interviews to grasp your business's specifics and goals. Using this data, we optimize your linkedin profile to enhance potential customer attention to your personal brand.
    The lead generation service comprises assembling a list from 750 targeted contacts each month (based on the chosen service package). Our writers craft a series of sales letters for potential customers, providing detailed information about your services and conveying the value of your product to leads. Ultimately, you receive warm leads genuinely interested in discussing your services.
    For a complete list of services and their benefits, you can visit the "Pricing" section on the main page.

  • How does Turnkey Appointment work?

    You gain all the perks of a lead generation package without limitations. Up to 6 LinkedIn profiles are simultaneously involved to expedite results (no worries if you lack accounts – we offer our profiles for free rent). Our negotiator manages initial communication, striving to arrange meetings with potential clients. This liberates you from routine negotiations, letting you focus on vital tasks. Ultimately, we send you a lead prepared to engage in meet and discuss your proposals.
    This package ensures a minimum of 2 meetings per month with potential clients.

  • What is Cross-outreach for?

    Cross-outreach facilitates parallel engagement with potential clients through two communication channels: LinkedIn and email. This approach circumvents LinkedIn's constraints, broadening your reach to a larger pool of prospects. Furthermore, those who ignored messages in one channel receive reminder sequences through the other.

  • What are the advantages of Pre-sale Support?

    We introduce our negotiator to the lead generation process, who delves into your business's possibilities and facets. He conducts initial discussions, handles potential customer objections, and hands over leads ready for meetings. By doing so, you can allocate time and resources to more crucial tasks.

    This comprehensive service is available as an add-on to any selected lead generation package. It's important to note that pre-sale support cannot be ordered separately without the main service.

  • How does Content Creation benefit me?

    Upon ordering this service, we devise a unique content plan tailored to your business goals and needs. The strategy encompasses 10 monthly posts with visuals on your personal page. This optimal frequency maintains audience engagement without over-saturation.
    This strategy increases audience interest in your brand and boosts the SSI (Social Selling Index), which enhances LinkedIn profile visibility. Additionally, expressing your voice allows you to share niche expertise and establish yourself as an opinion leader.
    This comprehensive service is available as an add-on to any selected lead generation package. It's important to note that content creation cannot be ordered separately without the main service.

  • Are additional tools required for lead generation?

    Unlike some practitioners who charge for tools like LinkedIn Premium or possibly questionable contact parsing extensions, we don't employ such practices. We've developed a concept where clients don't need to pay for premium profiles or tools. All technologies utilized are centralized and covered by us.

  • What occurs if a lead responds during the lead generation process?

    Once a potential client show a reaction that requires your intervention, your account manager will notify you. At this point, our primary task is fulfilled, and communication with the lead passes into your area of responsibility.
    If you have the "Pre-sale Support" or "Turnkey Appointments" service, your dedicated sales manager handles discussions with leads, transferring them to your process once they're prepared for call scheduling.

  • Can I review examples of your content and sales letters?

    Certainly, you can complete the feedback form using this link, and in response, we'll send you our commercial offer along with examples of our works.